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Wheels of Fire - Огненные Колеса

Режиссер: Cirio H. Santiago
В ролях: Gary Watkins, Laura Banks, Lynda Wiesmeier, Linda Grovenor, Joseph Anderson
Страна: USA
Год: 1984


The Future is now. There are no rules and there's no place to hide from the deadly Highway Warriors who ravage the roads in machines of destruction. Out here a man's fortified car is his home. Trace (GARY WATKINS) remembers the civilized ways of a better time. He stands alone against the band of brutal road-scum who prowl the highways preying on the weak and helpless. They've captured the only person Trace cares for: his sister, Arlie (LYNDA WIESMEIER). Joined by Stinger (LAURA BANKS), a ravishing she-warrior, and Spike (LINDA GROVENOR), an orphaned teenage girl with psychic powers, Trace goes up against the villains in his flame-spewing, nuclear-charged, armoured automobile - Wheels of Fire. The final explosive battle for civilisation begins... there may be no tomorrow.
The story starts out when the main character's sister gets kidnapped, strapped to the front of a car, and then continuously raped by the bad guys. You'll never forget the part where the bad guys are undoing their belts one after another.